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Entire list of Pregl Colloquiums

Title of the talk: Challenges in the catalysis of fuel cell reactions: Iron or cobalt ions atomically dispersed in…
Videolectures A Novel Concept of Identification of Metal-oxide Powders by Energy-resolved Density of Electron Traps…
Videolectures Storage and delivery of medical gases using zeolites and metal-organic frameworks Russell Edward Morris …
Videolectures: Harnessing nanopores for single-molecule enzymology and protein sequencing Online gallery Downlo…
Title of the talk: Catalysis for Fuels and Chemicals Online gallery Downloads: Invitation CV
Title of the talk: Disentangling Puzzles – Atomic resolution Studies of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Online…
Pregl Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner
Videolectures The Nanoporous Materials Genome in Action Downloads: Invitation
Pregl Colloquium: Prof. Freek Kapteijn
Pregl Colloquium: Dr. Karl J.J. Mayrhofer
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