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Electronic Resources and Bibliographic Databases

Electronic access to journals containing full-length articles


In the context of a consortium purchase of electronic publications, employees of the NIC have access to the full text of the following databases:

  • ScienceDirect-Elsevier; access to the package of the Freedom Collection, which includes 1.900 running titles of the journals, and about 480 journals, available for a certain period of time, and 300 journals in the open access.The entry point:
  • SpringerLink-SpringerNature; access to the 2.500 titles of the journals, and about 30.000 books of different publishing houses under Springer Nature. About 50 titles of publishing Palgrave Macmillan are also available.The entry point: The Portal enables access to the full text of 36 journals from the Nature Research, and 39 of the titles of the journals under the Nature Publishing Group. Entire texts are available for the current year and for the past 4 years. The entry point:
  • Wiley Online Library;  access to the 700 titles of journals and 1.000 titles of journals, with a time-limited period of service. Full texts of the papers are generally available from 1996. The entry point:
  • ACS Online-American Chemical Society; access to the 60 titles of journals, AND access to the archival content of journals, and therefore to the full text of the articles of the current and the preceding titles of the journals from the beginning of publication to the present.The entry point:
  • RSC Gold-Royal Society of London; access to the package of 50 running titles of the journals.Full texts of the papers are generally available from 1997. Available to search through the contents of the 5 databases (Analytical Abstracts, Chemical Hazards in Industry, Laboratory Hazards Bulletin, Natural Product Updates, and the Synthetic Reaction Updates. The entry point:


Electronic access to journal:


Bibliographic Databases

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