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Pregl Award for Exceptional Achievements in the field of chemistry and related disciplines

The Pregl Award for outstanding achievements is awarded to individuals - researchers or a group of researchers who performed a part of the research to which the award relates, under the auspices or in collaboration with Slovenian academic or research institutions. The award is presented for outstanding achievements in the field of basic or applied research that is comparable to the global standard of quality. The Pregl Award for outstanding achievements consists of a small statue of Friderik Pregl, and a financial award in the amount of EUR 3,000.

2022 - dr. Mateja Manček Keber and prof. dr. Nataša Zabukovec Logar 
2021 - prof. dr. Kristina Gruden and associate prof. dr. Blaž Likozar
2020 - prof. dr. Iztok Arčon and associate prof. dr. Urban Bren
2019 - assist. prof. dr. Marjetka Podobnik and  prof. dr. Matej Praprotnik
2018 - assist. prof. dr. Mojca Benčina and prof. dr. Gvido Bratina
2017 - prof. dr. Stanislav Gobec and izr. prof. dr. Gregor Mali
2016 - prof. dr. Ingrid Milošev and assoc. prof. dr. Zdenko Časar
2015 - dr. Iva Hafner Bratkovič
2014 - prof. dr. Jurij Lah
2013 - prof. dr. Gregor Anderluh
2012 - dr. Robert Dominko and dr. Anton Kokalj
2011 - prof. dr. Radmila Milačič
2010 - dr. Miran Gaberšček
2009 - assist. dr. Maja Remškar and prof. dr. Roman Jerala
2007 - prof. dr. Janez Plavec

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