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Researcher Emeritus of the National Institute of Chemistry

As a special form of recognition for exceptional achievements in scientific research and their invaluable contribution to the development and reputation of the Institute of Chemistry and Slovenian science at home and abroad, the title of “Researcher Emeritus of the National Institute of Chemistry” was awarded to the following retired researchers:

  • Acad. Prof. Dr. Janez Levec (8.6.2016)
  • Dr. Stanko Hočevar (8.6.2016)
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Orel (28.5.2014)
  • Prof. Dr. Venčeslav Kaučič (26.2.2014)
  • Dr. Božidar Ogorevc (19.12.2012)
  • Acad. Prof. Dr. Dušan Hadži (13.6.2011)
  • Prof. Dr. Jure Zupan (8.6.2011)
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