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Cooperation with industrial partners

R&D projects with industrial partners

  • Solvay: Recycling of polyamides of specific chemical composition;

  • AquafilSLO: Chemical recycling of waste carpets and fishing nets to caprolactam monomer;

  • Calcit: Development of dispersing systems for suspensions of calcium carbonate for the use in paper industry;

  • Knauf Insulation: Development of bio-based binders and influence of additives in the PF binder on the properties of rock mineral wool;

  • Melamin: Development of SEC methods for melamin resins in accordance to REACH;

  • BIA Separations: Synthesis of polystyrene monoliths;

  • Mitol adhesive factory: Reactive polyurethane adhesives;

  • Krka: Characterization of polymeric excipients in pharmaceutical formulations;

  • Lek: Characterization of polymeric excipients in pharmaceutical formulations;

  • GGP Forest Management Postojna: Pilot production of nanocrystalline cellulose;

  • PlamaPUR: Characterization of polyols for PU foam synthesis;

  • Tarkett: Determination of PA6 content in polyamide waste.

Other industrial partners: Iskra PE kondenzatorji, Iskraemeco, Fibran, Plama Termoplasti, Olma, Silico, etc.

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