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Research equipment

  • DSC: Differential scanning calorimeter Pyris 1, Perkin Elmer.

  • TGA-MS: Thermogravimetric analyzer with mass selective detector, Mettler Toledo

  • MALDI-TOF: UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF-TOF mass spectrometer, Bruker Daltonik

  • FTIR spectrometer Spectrum One, Perkin Elmer.

  • GC-MS: Gas chromatograph Hewlett Packard Agilent 6890N with a mass selective detector 5973N

  • Liquid chromatograph with UV, RI (Perkin Elmer, Hewlett Packard), and ELS 2100 detectors (Polymer Laboratories) for SEC measurements and for two-dimensional chromatography.

  • Liquid chromatograph (Hewlett Packard) with a multi-angle light scattering photometer Dawn Heleos and interferometric refractometer Optilab Rex (Wyatt Technology Corp., USA), which are used as detectors in SEC-MALS or independently for static light scattering measurements (SLS).

  • AF4: Asymmetrical-Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, AF4 (Eclipse3+, Wyatt Technology Corp., USA) with multi-detection system (UV-MALS-QELS-RI)

  • Stainless steel glove-box system Uni-Lab, M. Braun

  • Reactor EasyMax, Mettler Toledo

  • Microwave reactor Monowave 300 with autosampler, Anton Paar

  • Hydrogenation apparatus, Parr Instrument Company

  • Joint use of large Institute’s equipment (NMR 300 MHz, 600 MHz and 800 MHz, WAXS, LC-MS).

  • Joint use of SEM and STEM: Field emission scanning electron microscope FE-SEM SUPRA 35 VP, Carl Zeiss, equipped with energy dispersive spectroscopy Inca 400 (Oxford Instruments).

  • Joint use of crio-ultramicrotom Leica UC6/FC6.

  • Twin screw extruder Teach-Line ZK 25T with water bath and strand pelletizer, Dr. Collin.

  • Injection moulding machine Babyplast, Rambaldi+Co.

  • DMA: Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer, TA Instruments

  • Freeze Dryer, Thermo Scientific

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