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GC-FID + PTV, liquid phase sampler with two detectors. AP development, quantitative & qualitative analysis, validations.

Detector: FID + PTV , Thermo Fischer Scientific,  Trace GC Ultra, model K07300430000770, ver. 5.0

Autosampler:  Thermo Fischer Scientific, TriPlus, AS, S/N:20098582, fw: 1.15.04

Autoinjector: Thermo Fischer Scientific, ver. 2.10, AI/AS 3000 I I

Software: ChromQuest, 5.0, fw:; OS Windows 7 Pro

FieldChemical analysis
TehnicsGas Chromatography with FID + PTV Detector
ContactVid Simon Šelih
+386 1 4760 474
DescriptionGas Chromatography, development and validation of analitical procedures, direct or head space sample injection.
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