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Dissolution testing

System 1: Varian, VK 7025, ver. 2.06, S/N: DL1007C900

System 2: Varian, 705 DS, ver. 1.14, S/N: DL1103C258

System 3: Agilent Technologies 708-DS, ver. 2.02, S/N: MY15348402

System 4: Dissolution system: Agilent Technologies 708-DS, ver. 2.02, S/N: MY15278410

Sampling Station: Agilent Technologies  850-DS Dissolution Sampling Station, Model: G7930A, P/N: G7930-64000, S/N: MY15340005

FieldChemical analysis
PlatformDissolution tests: HPLC determination and spectrophotometric determination.ja: hplc določitev in spektrofotometrična določitev
TechnicsDissolution (final point) and dissolution profiles
KontaktVid Simon Šelih
+386 1 4760 474
DescriptionDissolution tests for pharmaceutical and other products in acid, neutral, alkaline, water and other media.
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