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HPLC - DAD. AP development, quantitative & qualitative analysis, validations

Binary pump: Dionex, model SD, LPG-3400, fw: 3.43

Autosampler: Thermo Fischer Scientific, model: WPS-3000, SL, T, Analytical, fw: 4.13

Detector:  UV DAD-3000, fw: 2.50 + CAD (Thermo Scientific, Corona Veo RS)

Column Heater: TCC-3000SD, fw: 1.32

Software: Dionex Ultimate 3000 Chromeleon, ver., OS Windows 7 Pro

FieldChemical analysis
TehnicsLiquid chromatography with ultraviolet and visual detector + charged aerosol detector
ContactVid Simon Šelih
+386 1 4760 474
DescriptionHighpressure Liquid Chromatography development and validation of anaytical procedures, research and analyses.
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