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IC - CDA+ECD. AP development, quantitative & qualitative analysis, validations

ICS3000 - CD:

Gradient Pump: Dionex, SP, ICS 3000, ver. 6.0.0

Isocratic pump:  Dionex, DP, ICS-3000, ver.  2.75

Autosampler: AS - AP, ver. 1.9.0. (Tray cooling)

Conductivity detector: Dionex, ICS-3000 CD, fw: 2.40

Eluent Generator, Dionex, ICS-3000-EG, ver. 1.4.0.

Dual temperature controlled comparment  with injector: Dionex, ICS-DC, ver. 2.4.0.

Software: Chromeleon 7.2., ver. SR3 7553 (259164),; OS Windows 7 Pro

FieldChemical analysis
TehnicsLiquid Chromatography with suppressed Conductivity detector or Electrochemical detector
ContactVid Simon Šelih
+386 1 4760 474
DescriptionIon Chromatography - separation and quantification of anions, cations and other anaytes in water solutions, development and validation of anaytical procedures, research and analyses.
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