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The invention provides a process for the preparation of air-permeable cotton textiles with washing-resistant self-cleaning, super hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The latter were achieved by the preparation of suitable micro and nano roughness and crosslinking of hydrophobic and oleophobic organically modified silane precursors that even after repeated washings of cotton fabric ensure high contact angles of water and hexadecane as well as sliding angle of a water drop lower than 10 °.


Research team:

  • mag. Milena Zorko (KI)
  • dr. Barbara Simončič (UL, NTF)
  • Jelena Vasiljević (UL, NTF)
  • dr. Brigita Tomšič (UL, NTF)
  • dr. Ivan Jerman (KI)
  • dr. Miran Gaberšček (KI)

Slovenian patent application No. P-201400289; Filing date: 18.8.2014



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