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L18 Laboratory for Modern Battery Systems

We are working on advancing electrochemical energy storage by developing novel electrochemical materials and providing insight into electrochemical materials and battery cell properties. Our goal is to advance the scientific and technological understanding of electrochemical energy storage, specifically in the context of sustainable energy systems where renewable energy is required to be stored in secondary batteries and (re-)converted into electricity.

Our research is focused on secondary batteries – primarily on monovalent (Li, Na), multivalent (Mg, Al, Ca) and organic battery materials. We are working on designing batteries with improved functioning and longer lifetime. Our strategies to enhance the battery performance include developing self-healing batteries as well as finding new ways to construct a well-functioning electrode-electrolyte interface. We aim to bridge the gap between fundamental science and applied engineering by combining both academically as well as industrially relevant questions. In addition to preparing improved battery systems, we are focused on in-depth understanding of these systems. An important part of our research activity is developing and utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to gain insights into the relevant electrochemical processes and material properties.

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