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L02 Laboratory for Coating Development

Coating development unit is oriented to progress in the field of components used for systems based on renewable energy sources. The main identification field is development of coloured coatings for low temperature solar absorbers, as well development of coatings for concentrated solar power plants. Beside mentioned photothermic application, we are active also on research in the field of components for Grätzel cells, photo electrochemical cells and electrochromic smart windows, accordingly electrodes thin films and electrolytes. Good results are achieved in field of synthesis of new compounds and research of electrolytes made on the basis of organic inorganic hybrids and ionic liquids with suitable electric conductivity, stability and rheological properties. All mentioned fields of research enable construction and study of electrochemical systems. We possess the knowledge above modification of different inorganic oxide particles as well modification of different binders. For that purpose we synthesizing new molecules with the goal to prevent corrosion, decrease surface free energy increase the roughness and prevent combustion.

In parallel development in situ and ex situ analytical and experimental approaches are made for structural (Raman and Infrared spectroscopy), surface (AFM, SEM, EDS, NGIA IR spectroscopy) and rheology studies of complex materials.
We are very proud on collaboration with the industry. On the basis of development and our intellectual property we succeed that German company producing few thousand m2 of absorber surface yearly. Especially we are proud that we made the first analysis of the coating used on the biggest concentrated solar power plant on the world (Ivanpah, 390 MW) and that we are involved in development of coatings which will be used on similar power plants in near future (Brightsource, Israel). Successful collaboration is reflected through development of anticorrosion coatings for electronic boards (Arcelik, Turčija; Iskratel, SI) our knowledge is implemented with collaboration with University partners from Ljubljana as well with the partners from universities and institutes abroad. Exposed are many years of collaboration with Department of Textilies, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in frame of preparation of multifunctional coatings for modern textiles, as well collaboration with Hebrew university and institute Fraunhofer ISE and Fraunhofer ISC.
For more information we are available for you in 1st floor at Pregel center.

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