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CX7 digital microscope for automated time-lapse monitoring of cellular processes

The CX7 digital microscope allows time-lapse fluorescence, colour and transmitted light imaging of cells. Monitoring is automated with real-time data analysis, which also allows highly efficient parallel analysis of large numbers of samples. It is equipped with an incubator to control temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

The device has a multi-position objective turret with magnifications from 2.5x to 60x, providing imaging of cell populations (growth kinetics, survival studies, reporter expression) and details at the intracellular level (internalisation, protein aggregation). The microscope stage has attachments for clamping single slides, or plates with up to 96 wells, and allows for fully automated capture of samples in formats ranging from 1 to 96 samples per plate.

The X/Y/Z position of the carrier table is motorised and adjustable with sub-micron precision. Imaging methods are transmitted light imaging, with or without phase contrast, colour imaging and fluorescence imaging. The device is equipped with seven laser and LED light sources of different wavelengths in the range 350-700 nm. The images are captured by a CMOS camera. Data analysis software and a high-performance computer are part of the instrument assembly.

The equipment is accessible to all internal and external users. All users must demonstrate appropriate experience to work independently on the apparatus. In the case of experienced users, their experiments are carried out by operators or infrastructure managers. In any case, it is necessary to evaluate the design, the complexity of the analyses and the complexity of the samples before starting the experiments.

Contact: assist. prof. dr. Mojca Benčina

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