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Research equipment

Experimental and technical expertise and equipment

We use a wide range of interdisciplinary methodology including biophysical techniques (DLS, MALS, CD, fluorescence, luminescence, flow cytometry, confocal fluorescence microscopy, FCS), molecular biology and biochemistry (DNA cloning, molecular modeling, protein design, CRISPR/Cas9) to animal experiments (in-house facility run by our department). We recently obtained a cryo-electron microscope, which will be particularly important for the research of designed protein cages but also for immunology.


List of equipment

  • SAXS - small angle X-ray scattering measurment system
  • Plate reader: detection of luminescence, fluorescence or absorbance of a larger number of samples
  • Microscope for spatial and temporal imaging of life cells Leica SP8: imaging of spatial and temporal changes in fluorescence-labelled molecules in cells
  • Lumi-Box: detection of luminescence
  • Centrifuge Beckman: centrifugation
  • HPLC chromatograph with manual injector and fraction collector: separation of proteins and peptides
  • Äkta chromatographic system for protein purification (2 systems): protein purification with programmable injector and fraction collector
  • IVC Techniplast Equipment: laboratory animal breeding and performing in vivo experiments
  • Biorad Gene Pulser Xcell electroporator: used to facilitate entry of plasmid DNA into pro and eucariont cells

Access is possible upon appointment and consultation. Please write to martina(dot)mohorcic(at)ki(dot)si

OE2 Center of bio-spectroscopy

List of equipment

  • Spectrometer for circular dichroism
  • Fluorescent spectrometer
  • Luminometer
  • Plate reader
  • Equipment for precise automatic pipetting
  • Equipment for particle size and zeta potential
  • Flow cytometer PARTEC
  • Confocal microscope LEICA SP5
  • EnSpire Alpha
  • LC-quadrupole mass spectrometer Shimadzu
  • Confocal microscope - bio-station SP8 (FCS, FCCS, FLIM)
  • Stopflow
  • Static light scattering (SLS) detector Malvern
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