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SAXS - Small angle X-ray scatering meassurment

Measuring small-angle X-ray scattering allows us to determine the structure, size, and shape of nanoparticles in aqueous solution. With SAXSpoint 5.0, it is possible to measure SAXS and WAXS nanoparticles in solution, over a wide temperature range. The laboratory SAXS system enables the measurement of liquid and powder samples at different temperatures in vacuum. The system is equipped with an automatic sampler that allows the measurement of batches of samples. In case of need for additional analyses, these can be performed at the Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology.

The equipment is accessible to internal users, while the measurement of samples is enabled to external users in the presence of an administrator. For a successful analysis of narrow-angle X-ray scattering, it is necessary to characterize the sample well in advance. Before the measurement, it is necessary to contact the device administrator (Jaka Snoj), with whom users agree on the price, date and method of use.

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