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Lumicks C-trap EDGE with optical tweezers

LUMICKS C-Trap EDGE 350 has the capability to measure TIRF in three channels simultaneously (488nm, 532 nm and 638 nm), do label free imaging of fibers on the glass (IRM) and use the optical tweezer to manipulate samples and measure forces. The instrument is coupled to a six-channel microfluidic system.

The single molecule nanomanipulator thus combines two optical methods to detect molecules and move particles with an accuracy of up to 1 nanometre.

TIRF (Total Internal Reflection Flourescence) is a type of optical microscopy where light is shone on a narrow band (~100 nm) along the surface of a glass. This illuminates only the molecules that you want to observe, allowing extremely precise measurements. TIRF enables super-resolution microscopy (PAINT, STORM, PALM), where image resolution is up to 100x better than the wavelength of light. It also allows precise observation of the kinetics of individual molecules (molecular motors, DNA polymerase, membrane receptors). In living cells, TIRF allows the study of membrane receptors, endocytosis processes, cytoskeleton reorganisation and cell attachment.

Optical tweezers use the pressure of light to move small particles. Glass beads of 1 um can be moved with a precision of 1 nm. The tweezers can also move whole cells or their organelles (mitochondrion, Golgi apparatus). The optical tweezers also allow precise force measurements in the range of 1-500 piconewtons. This range is ideal for measuring the forces between individual molecules (e.g. a pair of coiled coils) and the forces exerted by molecular motors and other molecular machines (DNA polymerase, ribosomes).

The equipment is accessible to trained internal users, while the use of the equipment is accessible to external users upon agreement with the administrator (Dr. Ajasja Ljubetič), with whom the users agree on the price, date and implementation.

Co-financed by the European Union under the project 101070817
LoopOfFun (Closed-loop control of fungal materials)


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