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Water-soluble cannabinoids with increased stability

Cannabinoids have become an important global commodity, and found their place in the food & beverage, food supplement and cosmetics industry, but also elsewhere (e.g. pharmaceutical industry).

CERRES - Chemical Reaction and Reactor Engineering Simulations

The invention is a software application designed for the simulation of various types of chemical reactors under different operating conditions with user-supplied chemistry, allowing for complex bulk and surface reaction (micro)kinetics.

Eco-friendly food packaging

Biocompatible, fully biodegradable biopolymers for packaging, particularly focusing on single-use and disposable packaging for premium fresh food products.



Antimicrobial packaging from natural biopolymers and active plant extracts

Films made out of natural biopolymers than can be used as an eco-friendly packaging materials were prepared.


Active biofoil with incorporated antioxidant japanese knotweed rhizome bark extract

The invention is biodegradable chitosan-based foil, which is enriched with a potent antioxidant plant extract, obtained from an invasive plant species, Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum, Fallopia japonica Houtt.)


Green synthetic plaftorm for the preparation of various xanthophyll esters

Xanthophylls are oxygenated derivatives of carotenoids and, as natural biologically active compounds with known pharmacological properties, they have many positive effects on human health.

Ash-free pellets from low-value biomass: The BiAR process

BiAR (Biomass Ash Removal) process is capable to separate the organics, which are valid for energetic uses, from inorganic components, which are a limitation for energetic uses but however, contain valuable elements. For this reason, the trend is placing a limit to the acceptable content of ashes present in the fuels.

Sustainable production of allyl alcohol

Allyl alcohol is an industrially important substance, mostly used for the production of chemical intermediate in organic synthesis. Current industrial processes for the production of allyl alcohol are fossil fuel-based routes from hydrogenation of propylene-derived acrolein or propylene oxide isomerization.

Sustainable process for producing bio-based adipic acid

Adipic acid is produced in 3.7 billion kg annually; the market exceeds $7 billion per year and more than 60 % of the total output is used as monomer for the production of nylon 66 (polycondensation reaction with hexamethylene diamine).

A single-step production of styrene monomer by using heterogeneous catalyst

The Institute has developed a single-step heterogeneous catalytic process for the production of styrene monomer. Styrene is a widely used monomer in polymer industries for the manufacturing of plastics, foams, automotive and home appliances.


One-step synthesis of glycidol from glycerol

Glycerol is the main byproduct (≈10 wt%) of the biodiesel industry. According to recent studies, glycerol has been recognized as one of the top 12 most important bio-based chemicals in the world.


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