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Active graphene based food packaging system for moder society

Packaging for perishable foodstuffs such as meat and cheese must be impermeable to liquids, gasses and light, must not promote the development of microorganisms and should ideally be recyclable.


Time-temperature indicator for temperature sensitive products in the cold supply chain

The invention involves recording of the time in which temperature fluctuates above  the upper or prescribed temperature used for maintaining the items in the cold chain.


Chemical recycling of flexible polyurethane foams

The invention describes a process for microwave-assisted chemical recycling of PUFs to polyether polyols by acidolysis or aminolysis, and the process for purification of the recovered polyols.  


Functionalized aliphatic polyesters

Due to the growing concern about the environmental footprint of plastics, one of the key trends in modern polymer science is the development of new materials.


Macroporous synthetic polypeptide scaffolds

Invention provides a synthetic method to prepare functional macroporous scaffolds composed entirely of synthetic polypeptides by emulsion templating.


π-conjuated polyelectrolyte (CPE) foams for new application opportunities

The highly porous structures with porosities up to 95 %, low densities (< 0.1 g / cm3) and surface areas exceeding 500 m2/g are properties that distinguish our semiconducting π-conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE) foams. Combination of such 3D-interconnected macroporous morphology and the photoactive π-electron backbone hold a great promise in the semiconductor-mediated heterogeneous photocatalysis.


Authentication of vanillin using 2H SNIF-NMR method

Vanillin is one of the most important and widely used flavours not just in the food industry but also in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. The global demand of vanillin is increasing and naturally extracted vanillin covers only small percentage of yearly produced amount of vanillin.


Preparation of zeolite ZSM-5 granulates free from inorganic binders

The preparation of ZSM-5 zeolite granulates without inorganic binder refers to a synthetic process for the preparation of highly crystalline zeolite granulates without inorganic binder from amorphous sodium aluminosilicate granules, which falls within the field of inorganic chemical technology.


Use of zeolites in paperboard production

The use of hydrophilic zeolites in the manufacture of cellulose-based products or cellulose fibres represents a new way of preventing autocatalytic fatty acid oxidation reactions in cellulosic raw materials and cellulose.

Wash-resistant water and oil-repellent self-cleaning cotton textile

The invention relates to the preparation of breathable wash-resistant water- and oil-repellent self-cleaning cotton textiles by sol-gel technology.



Sustainable flame retardant polyamide 6 textile filaments

Two related production procedures were developed: Preparation of flame retardant PA6 nanocomposites and synthesis of flame retardant polyamide 6 copolymer.


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