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About the Institute

Quality Committe

The Quality policy is an integral part of the business policy of the National Institute of Chemistry, which defines the directions of operation, basic goals, strategy, organizational structure and principles and rules of target behavior. Quality policy is the foundation for total Quality Management.

The Rules of Procedure of the Quality System according to the ISO 9001 system of 29 March 2019 stipulate that the Quality Committe is composed of at least one representative of the department included in the Quality System.

With the Decisions of Director the following personnel is included to the Quality Comittee:
-  Simona Lojevec Hartl (SKS), BSc - Head of Quality Committe
-  Nada Kraševec (SKS, D11), Docent, PhD - member, Head of Quality
-  Mateja Puklavec (L06) - member
-  Alen Albreht (L06), PhD - member
-  Martin Šala (D04), PhD - member
-  Damjan Makuc (D15), PhD - member
-  Mirko Cevec (D15), PhD - member
-  Vid Simon Šelih (L16), PhD - member
-  Andreja Drolc (SKS), PhD - member
-  Jasmina Štiftar (SKS) - member
-  David Pintar (SKS) - member
-  Gregor Anderluh, Prof., PhD, Managing Direktor - member by function
The aim of the Quality Committe is to ensure that the conditions for maintaining the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard are met.

The Quality Committe has a leading role in the introduction and maintenance of the Quality Management System at the National Institute of Chemistry.

The areas of activity of the Quality Comittee are mainly:

- Design of a Quality Management System at NIC,

- Proposals for measures to improve quality in all areas of NIC,

- Harmonization of Quality Management Systems at NIC according to the requirements of various standards (Quality System according to ISO 9001, GMP, GDevP) and connection to the top management.

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