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Research topics

Here are listed all the research topics with linked PDF descriptions:

  1.  Dynamical model of a type ii dna topoisomerase biological nanomachine and development of catalytic inhibitors for safer future chemoterapy
  2. Evaluation of thermally accessible conformational states of proteins in solution
  3. Computational and experimental modulation of senescent cells through RNA processing machinery
  4. Development of electrochemical biosensors for point-of-care application
  5. Recycling of Polyurethane Waste 
  6. Synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers with complex architectures for preparation of self-assembled polymer-nanopore hybrid membrane structures
  7. Development of advanced nanoporous materials for low-T heat storage/transformation applications
  8. Development of multicomponent photo-Fenton-like catalysts for water purification under visible light
  9. Systematic Study of Defects in Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Enhanced Adsorption and Diffusion Properties
  10. Energy storage cycle with carbon free aluminium
  11. Sensing capabilities of the separator for Li-ion batteries with integrated scavenging functionality
  12. Extending the Lifetime of Low-cost PEM Fuel Cells With Highly Stable Intermetallic Pt-alloy Electrocatalysts
  13. Multivalent (Mg, Ca) electrolytes with improved ion-pair dissociation
  14. Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia
  15. Characterization of protein nanopores
  16. Structural insights into the infection cycle of plant viruses
  17. Development of spatially restricted induction of cancer immunotherapy 
  18. RNA-based therapy for genetic disorders
  19. CC-TRIGGER-FEET: Designing dynamic and controllable feet for a de novo protein robot
  20. Sustainable monomers for sustainable coatings
  21. Direct conversion of CO2 to value-added products (ethanol or aromatics) over bifunctional heterogeneous catalysts in a continuous flow reactor
  22. Electrification of bio-based compounds hydrogenation by induction
  23. Understanding the photoactivity of Ru/CeO2 for ammonia production
  24. Exploring the structure-function relationship in mt-tRNA and their fragments
  25. Role of nucleic acids dynamics in folding, function and disease
  26. Regulation of proteins for therapy of mammalian cells based on synthetic biology



The Scientists4Future Slovenia has received funding from Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. The project is co-executed by University of Ljubljana. 



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