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Hyperion 3000 FTIR microscope

FTIR microscope with ATR enables different possibilities of getting signal, for instance absorbance, reflectance or transmittance. Beside MCT, it is also equipped with the FPA detector that has an option of 'mapping' heterogeneous samples through an area of up to 400 x 400 microns. It is possible to install 'Near grazing angle' detecting system as well. With this instrument almost every solid or liquid sample can be analyzed because the sample preparation is minimal.

High temperature reactor 350°C / 350 Bar

Reactor is designed for processes under high pressure and temperature.

Vertex 70V

VERTEX 70v offers unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications. Its innovative design results in the highest flexibility and highest performance. The data acquisition is based on two channel deltasigma ADCs with 24-bit dynamic range, which are running in parallel and integrated into the detector preamplifier electronics.

PerkinElmer Lambda 950

The LAMBDA 950 is high performance UV/Vis/NIR System. Model enables ultra-high UV/Vis/NIR performance for wavelengths up to 3,300 nm, high precision measurements, and for applications such as highly reflective and anti-reflective coatings, color correction coatings, bandpass characteristics of UV, Vis and NIR filters, and more.

Oriel - Solar simulator with PV module

Oriel solar simulator enables precise measurements of solar cell efficiency with output beam sizes 5 x 5 cm. The system is factory certified Class AAA CW systems, calibration certificate validating Class AAA performance for all 3 standards: IEC, ASTM and JIS. Non-reflective black finish reduces stray light and the system is equipped with temperature sensors.


Physica MCR 301 rotational rheometer (Anton Paar) is equipped with a Peltier HOOD, which enables homogenous maintenance of the sample in a wide temperature range (-30 to 200°C) and additional chamber "Evaporation blocker H-PTD" prevents evaporization of the sample.
Various sensor-systems (cone-plate, plate-plate, profiled plate-plate and concentric cylinders) enable rheological characterization for a wide variety of fluids with different viscosity.

Witec alpha 300 AFM, Raman, Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM)

Confocal Raman Microscop in combination with AFM and SNOM is either a single instrument or combined system configurations for the highest flexibility throughout a wide range of microscopy applications. It is possible to start the research with confocal microscopy and upgrade later to Atomic Force Microscopy or vice versa. With such a combined instrument, chemical information can be directly linked to structural AFM information from the same sample area using only one instrument. For high-resolution optical information, the system can even be equipped with SNOM capabilities.

Spin Coater WS-650-23

Our Spin Coater is typically employed for Solvent, Base or Acid-based processing: Coating, etching, developing, rinsing-drying and cleaning.


Ball mill enable milling of low to high viscosity products with reproducibly and made into ultrafine dispersions in the micrometer to nanometer range. Small product batches of > 100 ml to be processed in a continuous passage and circulation operation. Grinding media used is engineered ceramics design made of zirconium oxide/silicon carbide.

Salt spray chamber

Cyclic corrosion testing has become increasingly necessary in recent years. Dry Corrosion is one of the most popular cyclic tests alternating salt spray and air drying. Tests are made possible by combining salt spray environment with condensation humidity and air. Salt spray chamber enable testing according to international standards (ASTM B117, ISO 9227,..)

Autolab PGSTAT30 and PGSTAT302N with Frequency Response Analser (FRA) modul for impedance measurements

Cutting equipment Secotom-15, Struers

Computer controlled oven

Computer controlled oven (20-800°C isothermal and cycling) system in combination with humidity and atmosphere control (air, O2, N2, Ar, Ar/H2, vacuum) for lifetime assessment studies.

Calcination ovens

Calcination ovens, with ramp-soak-spike oven heating control (20-1600°C).Calcination ovens, with ramp-soak-spike oven heating control (20-1600°C).

Rotavapor system

Original Hanau Suntest V2 1122

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